the oversized puffer

To celebrate the opening of the new Tommy Jeans store in Antwerp, the brand asked me to choose my favourite item. This huuuge puffer immediately drew my attention when I was browsing to their online selection. I was really hoping they also had it in their store and they did! Even though it’s kind of tricky to style it since it’s already so bombastic I decided to downgrade the rest of the outfit and in my opinion it worked out alright. Since a couple of days it started to freeze here so it’s a perfect item for this time of year. 



the first suit

I love how suits and co-ords have become part of my daily life outfits. I can imagine it’s not everyone’s cup of tea – I had a hard time finding a suit that. fits me perfectly. Whenever I try on trousers that aren’t a bit fitted – I don’t feel comfortable at all. Same goesContinue reading “the first suit”

the earring edit

If you know me a little, you probably noticed that I’m (almost) always wearing earrings that stand out. They can switch up your outfit in an instant and even though the 90s hoops are a perfect fit for some situations, they don’t always have to be that obvious. Love, J

little green bag

Looking forward to longer and brighter days, this cute mint green bag fits my hunger for sunshine perfectly. The flexibility of the vegan leather makes it the perfect go-to shopper to carry around all of my (un)useful items. Love, J

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